Open source Firefox extension to control cross-site requests.

Release Channels

There are three release channels: stable, beta, and alpha. When you use one of the links below to install a specific version of RequestPolicy, you will receive updates for that release channel.


The stable channel is the release that is the least likely to contain bugs.

Number of users: tens of thousands

Install RequestPolicy Stable


Before any release goes to the stable channel, it first goes to the beta channel. The beta channel is the last line of defense against bugs making it into the stable released. Users on the beta channel will always have either the current stable version or a beta release which will become the next stable version.

Number of users: hundreds

Install RequestPolicy Beta

Version 1.x Beta

Version 1.x has its own release channel because it's quite a large change from the old version of RequestPolicy (version 0.x). Even though we're still calling it a beta, it's very stable.

Number of users: hundreds

Install RequestPolicy 1.x Beta

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