Open source Firefox extension to control cross-site requests.


RequestPolicy is a Firefox extension that improves the privacy and security of your browsing by giving you control over when cross-site requests are allowed by webpages you visit.

The idea for RequestPolicy was originally conceived in 2007 by Justin Samuel. Initial proof-of-concept work (i.e. make sure I can selectively block requests using a Firefox extension) was done in early 2008. Major development started in September 2008. The first stable release of RequestPolicy was in December 2008. For the next few years, RequestPolicy version 0.5 was continuously being improved. Planning and development of version 1.0 began in 2010. Version 1.0 reached alpha status in 2012.

RequestPolicy is free software, licensed under the GPL v3.

The developer of RequestPolicy is Justin Samuel.

Some people Justin would especially like to thank (but are not limited to):

Other people whose feedback has been very helpful:

The following organizations have been super nice:

Code contributions have been provided by:

  • Brad Horrocks

Translations of RequestPolicy have been provided by:

  • myahoo (French translation)
  • Team (German translation)
  • Archaeopteryx (German translation)
  • petruc (Portuguese [Brazil] translation)
  • Sumin Byeon (Korean translation)
  • pedro arana matus (Spanish [Mexico] translation)
  • Володимир Савчук / Volodymyr Savchuk (Ukrainian translation)
  • markh van (Dutch translation)
  • alpmild (Russian translation)
  • yfdyh000 (Chinese [simplified] translation)
  • nikneyim (Turkish translation)
  • Anonymous (Japanese translation)
  • Aleksej R. Serdjukov kaj babilejanoj (Esperanto translation)
  • Natanael_L01 (Swedish translation)
  • James (Silencer) (Chinese [traditional] translation)

Note: the above lists of contributors/translators may grow stale. The most current info is available in the source.

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