Open source Firefox extension to control cross-site requests.

Version 1.0

RequestPolicy 1.0 is a major rewrite of RequestPolicy. It has many new features including:

  • A new UI
  • A new rule system that supports wildcards in rule hostnames
  • Blacklists in addition to whitelists
  • A "default allow" mode instead of just a "default deny" mode
  • Subscription whitelists/blacklists
  • Lots of other stuff

Install the RequestPolicy 1.0 beta.

With the 1.0 beta version installed, you will continue to get updates for 1.0.

Even though we're still calling it a beta, it's very stable and is used by hundreds of people.

Where to find the source code

There's a separate dev-1.0 branch in our git repository.

Where to talk about it

You can discuss version 1.0 on our requestpolicy-discuss Google Group.

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